Hangzhou, China | 17-21
, 2019


Jade Emperor Hotel-Hangzhou(杭州玉皇山庄)

Jade Emperor Hotel is located in the West Lake Scenic Spot and surrounded by West Lake and Jade Emperor Hill from north to south, Phoenix Hill and Prince Bay Park through west to east. The top 10 views of the West lake are nearby as well, such as Spring Dawn at Su Causeway, Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor and so on. The Hubin Business District, Intime Department Store and Financial Center of Hangzhou are within 1.5 kilometers; Hangzhou East Railway Station is 10 kilometers away and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport is around 30 kilometers away. There are several bus stations within 5 minutes walk including No.Y2, Y3, Y9, 42 and No.12. Furthermore, the public bicycle rental is able to access conveniently.

Address:  74 Jade Emperor Hill Rd, Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Tel: 400-875-7766


Hotel reservation will be open in the end of March.  For foreign participants, please contact the Local Organizer Committee if there is any question for language problems.